TANK Steiger is a new chapter in a family history, is a vision of tradition combined with innovation, design and the love of beauty in a shoe. Tank Steiger is me, Laura, granddaughter of a Swiss shoemaker and daughter of the shoe designer Walter Steiger, who made creativity his job. I was born in Italy, in Molinella – a little town where my father used to produce his shoes –and I grew up in the midst of his creativity.

I remember entering my father’s studio as a child always stirred my emotions. He was always traveling around the world, so when he was at home I loved seeing him at work, standing at the drawing board with a pencil at the ready. At those moments, even though I was only a child, I knew he was not to be disturbed, because I had a sense that something wonderful was taking place. When my father finally told me he wanted to stop, enjoy his life and his familiy and close the Walter Steiger brand for good, I realized that I wanted to continue our journey; I wanted to keep our vision alive. When I started to work on my first shoe, I immediately felt like I was back in my father’s studio, feeling a serenity that I hadn’t felt in a long time. It was as if everything up to that time had conspired to take me where I had to be.

This is how TANK Steiger was born, and it would be impossible to explain this without telling my story. TANK is the union of the past, present and future; a shoe that is capable of transcending time as well as aesthetic trends.

firma laura steiger tank-03


In Italian our distinctive sole is called “carro armato”, which translate to military TANK.

The word TANK reminds us of the physical strength and determined design of our product, as well as the headstrong, modern and independent women wearing them.

Our packaging and overall universe is instead inspired in that sweet and romantic side hidden somewhere in all of us.

TANK is a tribute and a celebration of women’s inner and outer worlds at play, conceived to ‘comfortably’ accompany them in their daily battles.

IT 36 – US 6 – UK 3

IT 37 – US 7 – UK 4

IT 38 – US 8 – UK 5

IT 39 – US 9 – UK 6

IT 40 – US 10 – UK 7

IT 41 – US 11 – UK 8