Walter Steiger was founded in Geneva in 1932 by Walter Steiger senior, making made-to-measure shoes for men and women.

His eldest son, also Walter Steiger, started the ready-to-wear line in 1967, during the Parisian Haute Couture’s golden era.  In 1974 the first shop was opened in Paris, followed by stores in New York and London.

Helmut Newton for Walter Steiger. Untitled, Steiger private collection

The maison’s style became famous  for the originality and innovation of his creations – always characterized by cleanliness of the lines and proportions – and since has become a permanent and recognizable name in the fashion and art world.

Starting from the nineties Steiger’s bespoke shoemaking was realized in its Parisian workshop in avenue Matignon, where the most innovative models were declined into ready-to-wear pieces.

In 2019 Maison Steiger enters its third generation and newest chapter under the direction and vision of Laura, continuing the family tradition set forth by her grandfather and father and launching the new TANK line.

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