TANK Steiger is a new chapter in a family’s history, a traditional vision combined with innovation, design and love: beauty in a shoe. Tank Steiger is me, Laura Steiger, daughter of the iconic shoe designer Walter Steiger.

When my father told me he that he didn’t like the direction the fashion industry was headed and that he wanted to stop, I realised that I wanted to keep our family vision alive – a vision capable of transcending both time and aesthetic trends: essential designs made to last – but in a new way, my way.

Nowadays, I run new spin-off brand, TANK STEIGER, in Italy, where I was born and raised. I personally design the shoes together with my father Walter, who liked the project and the idea so much that he started to design again, sharing with me a passion for style without comprise and taking the chance to put creativity back at the forefront of fashion.

Laura Steiger manifesto | Tank Steiger


Sustainable and timeless design

TANK is a statement: the refusal to follow the frenetic pace of fast-fashion and inexhaustible consumerism.

We firmly believe that a shoe has to stand the test of time and fashion cycles.
TANK doesn’t want to be a part of the oversaturated fashion and mass advertising markets, but instead wants to build a straightforward and innovative line.

The mono-product: smarter, greener, long-lasting and local

TANK sees design and quality as tools that can disrupt production cycles and offer a new take on consumption habits: there seems to be no point creating large product lines and more waste. This is why TANK relies on a diversified mono-product formula.

Offering a strong and universal design, cut in clear lines, TANK products are made for the long term.

Great design is needed for a product to stand the test of time, but production quality is also mandatory.

For this reason, TANK shoes are produced in Italy in a little family-run factory in Marche, a region world famous for its high-end shoe manufacturing industry.

Also, for every sold pair of shoes 2.5 kg of plastic waste is cleaned up and recycled, thank to our collaboration with Empower. You can discover more here.

Sant' Elpidio | Tank-Steiger
Sant’Elpidio, the town where our shoes are produced
Camilla Total Black | Tank Steiger
Our distinctive ‘Carroarmato’ (TANK) sole
Packages | Tank Steiger
Our unique packages


The overwhelming majority of people who work and collaborate with TANK is female, which gives a new, fresh prospective to our vision. This is why our motto is

‘One step is all it takes to start a revolution’.

Because it’s just not all about the shoes, even if we care about them very, very much.

In Italian, our distinctive sole is called ‘carro armato’, which means ‘military TANK’.

The word TANK was chosen because it reminds us of the physical strength and determined design of our product, as well as the headstrong, modern and independent women wearing them.

TANK is a tribute and celebration of women’s inner and outer worlds at play, designed to guide them through their daily battles.

We want everyone to rethink their consumption habits, product life expectancies and the responsibility of fashion in general, and we can do so by producing beautifully design shoes that last.


Walter Steiger was founded in Geneva in 1932 by Walter Steiger senior, making made-to-measure shoes for men and women.

His eldest son, also Walter Steiger, started the ready-to-wear line in 1967, during the Parisian Haute Couture’s golden era. In 1974 the first shop was opened in Paris, followed by stores in New York and London.

The maison’s style became famous for the originality and innovation of his creations – always characterized by cleanliness of the lines and proportions – and since has become a permanent and recognizable name in the fashion and art world.
Helmut Newton. Walter Steiger, Monte-Carlo, 1983

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